Skip The Cigarette: Other Smoking Alternatives

Your First Vaping Kit

Tools for people who would prefer to stop smoking are more numerous than ever. Electronic cigarettes are especially popular; they allow smokers to decrease their nicotine intake gradually and ultimately quit. Smoking these products are referred to as vaping, and many vaping kits exist. If you're about to buy a kit for the first time, what pointers are most helpful?

Start with cig-a-likes

The most basic kit choice is one that features the "cig-a-like." They look most similar to cigarettes and feel similar as well, considering they're about the same weight and size and are manufactured to look like cigarettes. If you're self-conscious about vaping, these sticks won't generate too much discussion, and you won't look out of place. 

Rechargeable batteries run the sticks and can be re-juiced by plugging them into a USB port as you would a flash drive. The stick has a small LED light which blinks when recharging is needed. The slender stick houses the battery and a pod containing nicotine.

Of course, care is needed to select nicotine pods that will ease your plans to quit. The nicotine concentration you first start with could be rather high, but you can taper down the nicotine amount until you no longer have an urge to smoke at all.

Use Refillables

The pods cig-a-likes require can become costly if you use the stick for too long a period. To cut costs, you can move over to more sophisticated vaping pens, particularly ones that use tanks rather than pods. These tank kits require a touch more dexterity; you'll need to fill the tank with vaping liquid without spilling. You can experiment with mixing your own liquids, which can become somewhat of a hobby as you combine different flavors and varying concentrations of nicotine. The pens are available in tons of colors and styles, so if you enjoy vaping, you can do so with style.

Be aware that the vaping pens with refillable tanks come with a heating element which can stop working with repeated use. Kits with replaceable heating coils will permit you to hold on to pens you particularly like without having to trash them if there's a problem with the heating element. 

Your first vaping kit could ultimately cause your smoking habit to end, so explore these products until discovering one that seems workable for your lifestyle and preferences. Retailers and other vapers can offer trustworthy advice about these kits. For more information, contact a company like Seego Wholesale.