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Flavored Cigars: Why They Are The Cigar World's Answer To Vape Flavors

As you have probably seen or heard, vaping has taken the world by storm. Consumers who were smokers before are vapers now, and teens who were never smokers are now vapers because vaping products are not regulated like tobacco. To complicate things, vape juice comes in dozens of flavors that appeal to everyone. Yet, what no one realizes is that a single vape puff has equal strength (in nicotine) to several cigarettes or one cigar. If you are going to inhale that much nicotine anyway, a cigar is far less expensive. Cigar companies like Black and Mild have been around for years, and they are the cigar world's answer to vape flavors. Here is why. 

Lots of Sweet and Fruity Flavors Have Been Around for Decades

Cigar companies have been making flavored cigars for decades. Everything from cherry and apple to vanilla and cream is on the list. People generally smoke cigars as an after-dinner sort of ritual, a sort of "dessert" or "pre-dessert" practice. As such, they smoke the sweetened, flavored kinds that get you salivating for dessert or an adult liqueur or adult beverage. (Even Arnold Schwarzenegger is known to imbibe whiskey with an after-dinner cigar.) Many of these flavors are the same as those used in vaping, but cigars are limited to adults only, which prevents children from buying and using them. 

These Cigars May Be Healthier Because of the "Freaking" Process

"Freaking" is the process that removes a binding paper from the cigar. In the case of these cigars, freaking is regularly instituted so as to promote the cigars as a healthier alternative to other brands and as an answer to vaping, which does not feel the same to adults who have favored smoking activities and preferences. It is something to consider when you are staring at a twenty-dollar, cherry vanilla–flavored pack of these cigars versus a forty-dollar vape mod and a twenty-dollar container of cherry vanilla vape juice. 

Filtered and Tipped Varieties

Cigars also come in filtered and tipped varieties. These filter tips help remove some of the tobacco's harshness when smoking, but you'll still get the many flavor varieties offered by the tipless and unfiltered cigars. Cigars with filter tips are a lot like a vape mod because the vape mod offers a filter on the inhalation end as well. In fact, there are so many similarities between these two different product markets, it may surprise you.