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How Do You Smoke A Cigar?

Cigars share some similarities with cigarettes, but they're different in a few notable ways. For instance, cigars are typically much thicker than cigarettes because they're designed to burn for much longer. Cigars are also wrapped in cured tobacco leaves instead of paper. You can smoke a cigar to celebrate a special event, but you can also enjoy cigars casually. If you've never smoked a cigar before, you may not know how to go about it. Here are some tips that will help you enjoy your cigar smoking experience:

1. Start with a mild cigar.

Cigars vary in flavor based on the type of tobacco they contain. If you're not a seasoned cigar smoker, you should start your cigar journey by trying mild cigars. Medium and robust cigars offer a strong flavor that some people enjoy, but these tastes may be too forward for beginners. Mild cigars can afford smokers a smooth, easy smoking experience. 

2. Trim your cigar.

Before you light your cigar, you should take the time to trim it. When you purchase your cigar, its end will be tightly sealed to prevent tobacco from escaping. However, this tight seal is not ideal for allowing airflow. Trimming the end of your cigar will make it easier to pull air through it when you inhale. You can purchase cigar trimmers made specifically for this task. Cigar trimmers feature sharp blades that will easily cut through your cigar without bending or tearing it. Cut only as much of your cigar as necessary to open it up, avoiding waste as much as possible.

3. Enjoy the mouthfeel of your cigar.

Cigars can create luxurious plumes of smoke with a great mouthfeel. When you puff on your cigar, allow the smoke to linger in your mouth. This smoking technique will allow you to fully enjoy the taste and feel of an excellent cigar. Whether or not you inhale your cigar smoke is up to you. Many people choose not to inhale the smoke into their lungs. You should do whatever feels good and whatever you will enjoy the most.

4. Linger over your cigar.

Finally, take the time to enjoy your cigar. Cigars aren't meant to be smoked in a rush. Light a cigar when you have some time to spend with it. Taking your time will allow you to fully appreciate the nuances in your cigar's scent and taste. To learn more about cigars, such as Alec Bradley cigars, contact a supplier.