Skip The Cigarette: Other Smoking Alternatives


How To Navigate Your Local Vape Shop Like A Pro

People choose to vape for many reasons. Some people vape to take advantage of the health benefits of vaping over smoking tobacco. Others vape to enjoy the flavors of different e-juices. No matter why you vape, you'll need the supplies to do it right. Vape shops specialize in everything customers need to enjoy this hobby. Here are some tips that will help you navigate

Top Benefits Of Vaping CBD

CBD has become increasingly popular due to studies that suggest that it may help with a variety of health conditions. It is believed that CBD may be be used to relieve pain, calm anxiety, reduce inflammation, eliminate nausea, and control depression, just to name a few benefits. A person can ingest edibles infused with CBD or use CBD oils or creams, but one of the eas

Flavored Cigars: Why They Are The Cigar World's Answer To Vape Flavors

As you have probably seen or heard, vaping has taken the world by storm. Consumers who were smokers before are vapers now, and teens who were never smokers are now vapers because vaping products are not regulated like tobacco. To complicate things, vape juice comes in dozens of flavors that appeal to everyone. Yet, what no one realizes is that a single vape puff has e

Exchange Smelly Cigarettes For A Battery-Operated Vaporizer

If you grew up in an era that glamorized cigarettes and you picked up the habit of smoking because all the 'cool kids' were smoking behind the school or bus stop, you may be thoroughly disgusted with this habit now that you are older. Use a battery-operated vaporizer to appease your craving for nicotine without dealing with the nasty scent of cigarettes. Learn The Bas

Your First Vaping Kit

Tools for people who would prefer to stop smoking are more numerous than ever. Electronic cigarettes are especially popular; they allow smokers to decrease their nicotine intake gradually and ultimately quit. Smoking these products are referred to as vaping, and many vaping kits exist. If you're about to buy a kit for the first time, what pointers are most helpful? St