Skip The Cigarette: Other Smoking Alternatives

Reasons To Consider Trying Shisha Tobacco

Are you a smoker but tired of taking a drag of the same old cigarette day after day? Do some of your friends smoke but you can't stand the taste of a traditional cigarette? One way that a smoker might be able to switch things up or try something new would be to look into Al Father tobacco or other leading brands of shisha tobacco products. Here are just some of the reasons why smoking shisha might be right for you.

Shisha is an Alternative Way to Consume Tobacco  

Shisha smoking is sometimes referred to by other names including hookah, water pipe smoking, and various slang terms. While with a cigarette or cigar, you are bringing the tobacco product right up to your mouth, the setup for shisha is different. It typically involves tobacco being placed in a bowl with other substances like sugar or molasses. The combination is then lit and the resulting smoke is inhaled through a tube that is brought up to the mouth.

Shisha Smoke Can Taste Much Different Than Traditional Cigarettes

If you can't stand the taste or smell of traditional tobacco, you may find something to like with shisha. Shisha can be made to have a wide variety of different tastes and scents thanks to the additional ingredients like sugar that are added to the bowl. You may be able to inhale the smoke that tastes and smells like your favorite type of fruit or favorite candy. To be clear, you are still inhaling the same type of tobacco that is found in some cigarettes and there are other additives like nicotine to be aware of, so it's not just all sugar and sweetness. But some people may enjoy the act of smoking thanks to the different taste and smell that a shisha bowl can provide.

Smoking Shisha is Something That Even Non-Smokers May Try From Time to Time

You don't have to be a regular smoker either to enjoy shisha. The fact that it is consumed through a sometimes elaborate-looking bowl and tube setup makes shisha smoking popular at parties or among groups of friends. Traditional cigarette smoking may have a bit of a stigma attached to it among some people, but shisha smoking may be viewed by some as just a fun thing you can do at a party on the weekends.

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