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What You Need to Know About Glass Rig Repair Services

Glass rigs are an essential part of the concentrate consumption ritual. It is the tool that helps you inhale the vapor that is created from your chosen concentrate when it is heated. However, with constant use, these rigs can get damaged or broken. The good news is that glass rig repair services are available for those who need them. But what are these services? In this blog post, we will provide some helpful information about glass rig repair services.

Repair Services

Glass rig repair services are provided by specialized shops that have experienced craftsmen who repair and restore your broken or damaged glass rigs. These shops not only repair the simple damages on your glass but can also restore your rig to its original condition or make it even better.


One of the most common damage on glass rigs is cracks. Fortunately, these cracks can be fixed by a glass rig repair service. The process of repairing a crack is done by using a torch or a flame to melt the glass back together where the crack is located.

Add-on Repairs

Sometimes, the damage on a glass rig cannot be repaired through traditional methods. This is when shops have to use a more advanced repair process known as “add-on” repair. This process involves adding a new piece of glass to the broken section of the rig. This new glass is then shaped to match the remaining parts of the rig. The end result is a restored rig that is as good as new.


Another common issue with glass rigs is a chipped mouthpiece or stem. This is usually caused by mishandling or accidental bumping. This issue can make using the rig uncomfortable or even dangerous. Fortunately, a glass rig repair service can easily fix this by removing the broken section and replacing it with a new one.

Missing Parts

Lastly, there is the issue of losing a crucial part of your glass rig. Replacing these missing parts can be tricky, but a glass rig repair shop can provide you with new parts to make your rig complete once again.

Glass rigs are a crucial part of the concentrate consumption experience. When it gets damaged or broken, it can be difficult to find someone who can fix it properly. A glass rig repair service can help. Whether it is a simple crack, a chipped mouthpiece, or even lost parts, glass rig repair shops can fix your damaged or broken rig. Not only do they repair your rig, but they can also restore it to its original condition or even make it better than before. 

For more information, contact a glass rig repair professional near you.