Skip The Cigarette: Other Smoking Alternatives


Why Choose A Disposable Vape Over A Refillable One?

Smoking comes in many shapes and forms, and even if you vape, you have options for just how you choose to smoke. You have vapes with refillable cartridges that you can fill yourself, vapes that have cartridges that you switch out when they are emptied, and you have disposable vapes that you throw out as soon as they have been finished. If you're not ready for a large

How Do You Smoke A Cigar?

Cigars share some similarities with cigarettes, but they're different in a few notable ways. For instance, cigars are typically much thicker than cigarettes because they're designed to burn for much longer. Cigars are also wrapped in cured tobacco leaves instead of paper. You can smoke a cigar to celebrate a special event, but you can also enjoy cigars casually. If yo

The Health Benefits Of CBD Oil

For many people, CBD (cannabidiol) sounds like a godsend. Today, CBD oil is one of the most popular products on the market. You aren't alone if you have been noticing how popular it has become. Are you thinking about using CBD oil? You may first want to learn more about its benefits. This is what you may experience. CBD May Reduce Anxiety and Depression For many peopl

How To Navigate Your Local Vape Shop Like A Pro

People choose to vape for many reasons. Some people vape to take advantage of the health benefits of vaping over smoking tobacco. Others vape to enjoy the flavors of different e-juices. No matter why you vape, you'll need the supplies to do it right. Vape shops specialize in everything customers need to enjoy this hobby. Here are some tips that will help you navigate

Top Benefits Of Vaping CBD

CBD has become increasingly popular due to studies that suggest that it may help with a variety of health conditions. It is believed that CBD may be be used to relieve pain, calm anxiety, reduce inflammation, eliminate nausea, and control depression, just to name a few benefits. A person can ingest edibles infused with CBD or use CBD oils or creams, but one of the eas