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5 Tips For Ordering Same Day Marijuana Delivery

Having marijuana delivered straight to your door isn't just convenient, it can also be a safer option since you won't need to drive. Rules and availability of delivery vary by location, so always check local regulations before ordering. 

1. Verify the Rules

Marijuana laws can vary greatly by state, and not all states with legalized medical or recreational cannabis allow delivery. Of those that do allow delivery, some may only allow delivery for medical patients while others allow delivery for anyone that is of the legal purchasing age. There may also be limitations on where the marijuana can be delivered to. For example, you may not be able to get it delivered to your job if it is on government property.  

2. Find the Menu

Most cannabis dispensaries have a huge range of products available in a variety of forms, from flower to oils and cartridges. Further, delivery services may represent multiple dispensaries, so the choice will be even greater. Fortunately, you can find menus online through the dispensary or delivery service website. This allows you to easily shop from home.

3. Check Payment Options

Due to the gray area in which cannabis businesses tend to operate, since they are legal on the state level but not on the federal, there can be limitations when it comes to payment options. Generally, many delivery services only accept cash at the time of delivery. A few may accept debit cards, but sometimes there may be a small service fee. It is unlikely that you will be able to pay with a credit card. Having exact change, or close to it, on hand is preferred. 

4. Grab Your ID

You will have to answer the door and show ID at the time of delivery — don't expect a contactless delivery option. A valid government photo ID for the person taking the delivery is required, such as your driver's license or state ID. You must also be of the age of legal purchase for the state you are in, which is most likely 21. You may also need to show your medical card in states that only allow the delivery of medical marijuana.

5. Remember to Tip

Cannabis delivery is a huge convenience, and although it's not required, it is a good idea to tip if you are happy with your service. Tip as you would for any other common service, such as food delivery. A couple of bucks, or 15-20% of your order, will be much appreciated by your delivery person. 

Contact a cannabis delivery service for more info